• October 21, 2018
  • Sakeer Hassan
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Do you feel that your appraisal software is missing a lot of advances that are happening in the appraisal software market? Do you see your competitors use the latest in technology and products to create appraisal reports more effectively and saving a lot time in the process? Is that affecting your ability to service your customers competitively?


PropMix allows you to extend your existing appraisal management software through the highly flexible MCA product for appraisers. MCA has a number of data, insight, and productivity enhancing features that can be plugged directly into your existing appraisal software. You can continue to use your existing software, while using the unique features in MCA through a Single Sign On (SSO) option. If you are an appraisal software provider, MCA can be white labeled for use from your product suite.

The key features of MCA are:

  •    Integrate with any software in the market today with multiple export/download options – CSV, XML, MiSMO, Forms Software, PDF
  •    Single Sign On options for white labeling or partnered solutions
  •    Public records can be automatically appended to the listing data
  •    Print full reports or custom listing sheets
  •    More search capabilities and API Options – Geographic, Polygon and Radius Search Capabilities.
  •    Nimble technology team can offer custom solutions and development if required
  •    Exclusive Sally Image Recognition
  •    Auto population of data and imagery
  •    Proprietary algorithms to estimate Fair Market Value
  •    MCA offers an all in one solution to research, select, download, print and export.
  •    More export/download options – CSV, XML, MiSMO, Forms Software, PDF
  •    1004MC and local insights & analytics Included
  •    On the fly similarity scoring
  •    More MLS relationships in key markets than the competition
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