Power your software with real estate industry's
dream database

One stop shop for Data and Insights
Delivered via APIs

Our Data Factory practice gathers data from various MLSs & public records to map, validate, and standardize into a single canonical data model. This model includes our unique concept of Longitudinal Property Records (LPR) where every property's complete timeline is maintained - listing and/or sale history, tax & assessment history, deed/mortgage history, and foreclosure history.
Our cognitive insights engine combines Natural Language Processing (NLP) and image recognition to improve and enrich real estate data. Data quality is continuously monitored and improved using our proprietary quality metrics.

Accelerate your app delivery using our widgets

Our application widgets are built using the latest technology platforms such as Angular and NodeJs and are also supported for WordPress websites. Widgets can be embedded using an iframe or using the widget code snippets in your application. All UI is built using responsive design by our team of engineers who have built some of the most interactive and user friendly UI elements for real estate.

Extend your market offerings with our white labeled SaaS

All our applications are designed with 3 major guiding principles:
Customizability: All UI screens, workflow, and business rules are customizable based on a partner's requirements
Multi-Tenancy: Each customer's application instance is designed to run in its own secure sandbox with firewalling
Single Sign-On: Multiple models of SSO are available out of the box - SAML, OAuth, OpenID, or delegated authentication
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