• May 29, 2018
  • Sakeer Hassan
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As a Real Estate agent or broker, generating sufficient leads is critical to sustain and grow your business. It is imperative that agents and brokers identify innovative ways to attract and engage their customers. Providing a home’s value is a good way to raise the curiosity of any visitor to a real estate website, and keep them engaged with what you have to offer.

PropMix can provide a white-labelled, cost-effective home value solution for your website. Each listing will have a button next to it for the fair market value for the property. Upon clicking the button, the user is prompted to provide their email id where they wish to receive the home value report. The address of the property and other details are pre-filled to make it a very convenient way to fetch the home value report. Once the report is generated instantaneously, an email is triggered to the customer.

Effective lead generation for agents and brokers

Agents will be able to log in to iCMALive to view the details of the property and the customer, as well as the home value report that was generated. They also have the option to edit the report to fine tune it, and make the updated report available for the customer to view. The dashboard on iCMALive provides a quick view of all the leads generated, along with their current status. As you are aware, a quick follow-up with the customer will ensure a better closing rate for the leads generated.

As a Broker, you have several options to route the leads generated. You could assign a specific geographic area, such as a postal code, to an agent. Another option is to assign the leads in a round-robin fashion among the agents available. You can also re-assign leads based on availability of agents, or if the leads have passed a certain duration without follow up.


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