• September 20, 2018
  • Sakeer Hassan
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Appraisal reports are going through a disruptive change in their content and presentation. It is no longer sufficient to provide the subject property details and comps. Customers and appraisers are looking for more value that they can get out of these reports. How about better identification of comps, similarity scoring of comps, and advanced local inventory analysis? Or even better, using image recognition to improve the images included in your report.

PropMix has a full suite of data insights that can be easily added to your appraisal reports.

  •    Sally image recognition provides an exclusive solution to label rooms, identify amenities, and compare rooms side-by-side.
  •    Proprietary algorithms to estimate Fair Market Value allow the appraiser to have a second opinion on the value of the property.
  •    1004MC and local insights and analytics included as part of the standard package
  •    On the fly similarity scoring that helps identify the most suitable comps for a subject property, while allowing the appraiser to correct property details and update the similarity score in real-time.


Some of the other advantages of MCA are:

  •    Public Records can be automatically appended to the listing data
  •    Print Full Reports or Custom Listing Sheets
  •    Auto Population of data and imagery
  •    More search capabilities and API Options – Geographic, Polygon and Radius Search Capabilities.
  •    MCA offers an all in one solution to research, select, download, print and export.
  •    More export/download options – CSV, XML, MiSMO, Forms Software, PDF
  •    Single Sign On options for White Labeling or Partnered Solutions
  •    Nimble Technology Team can offer custom solutions and development if required
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