• January 3, 2017
  • Danny Mancino
  • 0

PropMix provides comprehensive and accurate listing and property data, including maximum available history, and a complete image store for all historic listings. This is used by a customer who is a market leader in the valuation and forecasting models to provide inputs to the real estate appraisal, mortgage lending, and mortgage securitization processes. The customer now has full access to comprehensive and accurate nationwide listing data from over 200 MLSs via a single channel provided by PropMix. All the data they receive is standardized to a single data model – RESO 1.4 (soon to be upgraded to 1.5). PropMix and Software Incubator have eliminated any need for the customer to manage complex MLS relationships. Most importantly, the customer is reaping the cost benefits from the economies of scale offered by PropMix’s listings service accessible consistently across all MLSs.

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