• August 3, 2018
  • Sakeer Hassan
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PropMix has completed the acquisition and integration of nationwide public record data on residential and commercial properties. The data covers additional property attributes such as owner occupancy, last sale information, and more detailed tax assessment information along with full property details. It also provides property identification, seller/buyer information, tax exemption details, building information, and legal description of the property.

This increased coverage enables PropMix to provide Public Record data alongside listing data, thereby creating a comprehensive information source for appraisers and valuation experts. The enhanced dataset also supports a larger coverage of the Uniform Appraisal Dataset (UAD) specs used in the mortgage underwriting process. Valuation models and comparable similarity scoring are now based on authoritative property details and current market conditions from listing data.

Assessor data


Another highlight of this new development is the added features in PropMix products Market Conditions Advisor and iCMALive, our CMA platform. Both the products now offer optional features enhanced by public record data such as comparable scoring using public record sales and listings. Data population tasks are further automated and data accuracy can be validated within the application, giving the user more flexibility and speed.

Stay tuned as we continue to innovate and deliver more features to the market in the coming weeks.

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