• January 3, 2017
  • Sakeer Hassan
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PropMix has marked the start of 2017 with the launch of its CMA Comps insights and its variants. The enhanced CMA Comps insight looks at more attributes of the Subject Property and the comps, and assigns differential weightage to these attributes based on feedback from industry practitioners.

The variants of CMA Comps insights include Best Fit Home, Similar Homes and Match My Home.

The Best Fit Home helps to zero in on the most similar properties that match a buyer’s ideal home characteristics. The search can be limited to specific geographies – zip code, neighbourhood, school boundaries, or towns.

Similar Homes can be used on any IDX website to recommend other homes that are most similar to a property whose details are being viewed by the viewer. This helps the buyer to short-list homes with ease minimizing the need for filtering and going back-and-forth between search results.

If a home owner is relocating to a new location, Match My Home enables them to identify the properties that are most similar to their current home, but in their new town. PropMix can find their current home characteristics from public records and find homes that closely match theirs without the homeowner having to go through the hassle of specifying each attribute on a website.

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