• August 7, 2023
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Jumpstart services for product modernization, cost reduction and generative AI adoption

Las Vegas, NV/ August 7, 2023 / – PropMix, the leading provider of real estate and mortgage AI platform is pleased to announce the launch of the AI Innovation Center for Appraisal Management Companies and Mortgage Lenders. Jumpstart services provided in partnership with Innovation Incubator Inc. will accelerate artificial intelligence driven product modernization and cost reduction using Generative AI, Prompt Engineering, AI chatbots and immersive experience technologies on Amazon and Microsoft cloud.

“Generative AI is disrupting valuation risk assessments and lending decision making, mortgage product customization, customer service, document generation and marketing,” said Umesh Harigopal, CEO at PropMix.io LLC. “Our partnership with Innovation Incubator will help AMCs and Lenders extend their innovation lab by subscribing to the AI Innovation Center and to accelerate time to market and continue to be essential in this rapidly changing market”.

The jumpstart services offered through the AI Innovation Center broadly are as follows:

Product Modernization to protect and grow the Customer Base

  • Add omnichannel self service AI chatbots to engage borrowers for marketing, point of sales, and customer service.
  • Use your historical repository of past appraisals and transaction data with Generative AI models and automate the most common decision points.
  • Migrate on premise/legacy applications to web/mobile in a Virtual Private Cloud with REST APIs and immersive experience

Cost Reduction and Productivity Enhancements

  • Use Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to automate repetitive tasks, freeing up valuable resources and enabling teams to focus on strategic initiatives.
  • Add AI based decision support capabilities to improve customer engagement, underwriting and radical personalization
  • Accelerate Data migration to unlock a wealth of new opportunities and superior data-driven outcomes.

“We are excited to partner with PropMix.io to help the Real Estate ecosystem leverage artificial intelligence and modern platform and app delivery capabilities”, said Aiswarya H., Director of Portfolio and Product Management at Innovation Incubator Inc. “Our Cogfab.ai brand experiences in combination with PropMix’s deep knowledge in real estate allows us to accelerate time to value for our customers”.

In an era defined by rapid technological advancements and increasing market demands, PropMix remains steadfast in its commitment to empowering the real estate industry with cutting-edge solutions. The introduction of Generative AI as a service will be a significant milestone in our journey to redefine the landscape of mortgage operations. PropMix stands ready to collaborate with AMCs and Mortgage Lenders, offering a transformative partnership that will shape the future of the industry. For more information on how to leverage these groundbreaking services and position your business at the forefront of innovation, visit our website, http://www.propmix.io or contact us today.

About PropMix.io LLC:

PropMix is the leading provider of the real estate and mortgage AI platform along with apps, insights and data to value, automate and make decisions. PropMix’s platform and solutions are widely used by mortgage lenders, appraisers, realtors, and investors. Built on industry open standards and with intuitive user experience, PropMix’s solutions for the appraiser and lender market empower users to seamlessly engage with data and insights to understand collateral risk, assess appraisal complexity, and make valuation decisions. PropMix was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in New York.

About Innovation Incubator Inc:

Innovation Incubator is one of the leading Artificial Intelligence and immersive experience solution startup incubator/accelerator and technology services company with investments in Real Estate, Health care and wellness, Automotive and Social Retail. Innovation Incubator portfolio companies benefit from entrepreneurs in residence and jumpstart digital accelerators such as the Cognitive Fabric and Data Factory. Founded in 2015 and headquartered in New York, we also have presence in FL, GA, KY, MA, NJ, VA in the USA and Trivandrum, Kerala in India.

PropMix Media Contact:

Sakeer Hassan
PropMix.io LLC

Innovation Incubator Inc Media Contact:

Aiswarya H 
+1 470-460-0083

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