• January 30, 2019
  • Umesh Harigopal
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Redefining digital in real estate

We are excited to announce Bradie – Broker and Agent Digital Engagement platform – our suite of capabilities for the real estate marketplace. We are redefining the online real estate experience completely using AI and Machine Learning techniques. It integrates our various existing products that have been used by hundreds of agents and brokers.

We believe that the real estate agent has the opportunity to build lifelong relationships with homeowners as their trusted advisors on the largest investment of their lives. Bradie is our journey to help agents nurture that relationship and provide value to the homeowners. Visit

Bradie brings to market brand new ways of interacting with real estate information using computer vision. Home buyers using an IDX portal can now stop staring at loads of data about the homes they have shortlisted and instead see them side-by-side using pictures of each room and focus on what makes the homes different from each other.



Stale and weeks old Home Value Reports are a thing of the past. Our comparable market analysis engine – iCMALive – provides an engaging platform with live updates to their personalized value analysis as the market changes in their neighborhood – a new home on the market, a new sale, or a price change. All such updates can be screened by the agent in real time and Bradie will communicate with the customer on the agent’s behalf – building a trustworthy relationship with the customers. Visit bradie.propmix.io to get more details.

You have to see a demo of Bradie today to get a peek into a whole lot more groundbreaking features. Contact us at register.propmix.io or write to us at info@propmix.io.

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