• October 23, 2019
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Marketing list providers or marketing agencies like to increase their reach and improve their targeting to drive a higher ROI. The PubRec data service from PropMix is ideal for segmenting and extracting high-value prospects for any marketing need.

You could create simple marketing target lists such as:

  • New Homeowners who recently bought a home
  • New Borrowers who recently refinanced or took a home equity loan
  • Real Estate Investors with one or more investment properties

Or you could create more complex marketing lists such as:

  • New Homeowners with a lot size of more than 0.5 acres
  • Distressed Property Owners with a Mortgage LTV of higher than 50%
  • Homeowners who were impacted by a recent natural event – a hurricane, fire, etc.

PubRec data set includes over 151 million properties nationwide across residential and commercial, spread across 3,100+ counties. It is the best quality data and delivered at the most competitive prices in the industry.

We are currently serving various industries that can use property, homeownership, and mortgage information to target clients better:

  • Insurance Financial Services
  • Mortgage Lenders and Brokers – Home Purchase, Refinance, Home Equity
  • Marketing List Brokers
  • Moving and/or Storage Companies
  • Home Improvement & Repair companies
  • Real Estate Investors

Check out pubrec.propmix.io to sign up and get started using the APIs.

Read more about the PubRec launch at https://www.propmix.io/propmix-announces-the-launch-of-pubrec/.

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