• January 10, 2018
  • Sakeer Hassan
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How do I use Sally, the cognitive image advisor, to label an image in my application?

Using Sally to label an image is quite simple. All you need is to make a POST request to the Sally API as given in the example below. Sally has been trained on Real Estate specific images and continues to improve its accuracy as more and more images are used for training the application. Read more about Sally here.

API Request GetLabelsForImage

POST Method:

URL: api.propmix.io/mlslite/v1/GetLabelsForImage

Body: {

“imageurl”: “http://blog.propmix.io/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/kitchen_001.jpg”,

“accesstoken”:<< your access token goes here >>


Header: Content-Type: application/json

A sample image is given below.

The API responds with the image label. In this case, the API identifies the room as a Kitchen.

API response


   “status”: {

       “code”: 200,

       “type”: “OK”,

       “message”: “Success”


   “imageAnalysis”: {

“imageName”: “kitchen_001.jpg”,

“imageInfo”: [


               “labelName”: “Kitchen”,

               “confidence”: 0.922417





Interested in trying out Sally in your application? Click here to get a trial access token.

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