• February 15, 2018
  • Sakeer Hassan
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As a Broker, you are always on the lookout for better strategies to grow your business. Advancements in recent years have provided a wide variety of data on listings, agents, geographies, market trends etc. But does your current analytics platform automatically provide you actionable recommendations on how to grow your business? Can it alert you to a new business tactic or strategy?

Leveraging analytics to grow your business_02

PropMix’s BrokerView uses big data and deep learning models to analyze your historical and current transactions and marry that with market and competitor predictions in your area. We can discover your business practices and generate highly targeted recommendations on neighborhoods, markets, market segments, and agents.

Our analytics based agent and office performance management solution helps you identify the best agents, which geographical areas to target, and where competition is gaining market share.

The Office level dashboard helps to monitor total leads captured and tracked, while the Agent level dashboard measures each agent’s lead activity. The analytics section provides the following insights through intuitive graphs:

– Year-on-Year trends on # of Listings & Sales

– Year-on-Year Commissions, Sale Price, Sold Price per Sq. Ft.

– Trend of homes sold compared to Inventory

– Trend of Sold Price to Median Price in the market

–  Average Time for Contract to Close

–  List to Sold Price Ratios

–  Buy-Side Price Performance

–  Median Sold Price


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