• December 20, 2016
  • Sakeer Hassan
  • 0

Continuing the journey of iCMALive, the next next-gen IDX and live CMA app, PropMix has launched the Instant CMA feature that enables an agent to create a CMA report at the click of the button. This saves time and effort in the busy schedule of an agent. There are pre-defined rules that select the most appropriate comps, applies the pre-defined report sections that the agent has saved, and uses the Fair Market Value API to arrive at the home’s value.

This feature cuts the time it takes to give a preliminary estimate on a home’s valuation. This can be followed up later with a detailed customized CMA report if the lead advances to the next stage of the selling process.

As before, every CMA delivered is live and can automatically alert the agents and their customers on new transactions and the impact to a Fair Market Value.

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