• November 3, 2016
  • Danny Mancino
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PropMix partnered with Software Incubator (SI), a 15-year industry veteran in Real Estate data management, to accelerate its data delivery and improve its data quality. PropMix implemented SI’s Data Factory TM model to analyse, map and validate the data received from various MLSs. Data Factory is a set of best practices and software tools to enable an organization to stand up an end-to-end data management capability from data collection to delivery. Data Factory tools are based on machine learning and industry specific semantic ontologies that continue to automatically adapt to changing data models and metadata.

PropMix adapted the data factory to the different MLS data permissions models and MLS-specific connections to enable complete history data/image access and a 15-minute delayed listing/image updates for all MLSs. In addition, the strong data governance and metadata management capabilities of the data factory can handle ongoing M&A activity among MLSs and change in MLS platform vendors that impact the mapping and standardization steps.

Customers now have full access to comprehensive and accurate nationwide listing data from over 200 MLSs via a single channel provided by PropMix. All the data they receive is standardized to a single data model – RESO 1.4 (soon to be upgraded to 1.5). PropMix and Software Incubator have eliminated any need for the customer to manage complex MLS relationships. Most importantly, the customer is reaping the cost benefits from the economies of scale offered by PropMix’s listings service accessible consistently across all MLSs.

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