• October 3, 2016
  • Danny Mancino
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iAppraiser is a collaborative B2B app for lenders, borrowers, home inspectors, and appraisers to collaborate and accelerate appraisal flows. The app provides embedded access to nationwide MLS and public records data along with images of the properties.

The app gives the Lender a complete end-to-end view of the appraisal workflow as well as the real-time status of each application under process. Availability of data from both MLS and public records helps the lender create the most exhaustive property details for use downstream.

By making the Borrower inputs optional, iAppraiser allows the Lender to determine when it is appropriate to wait for the Borrower’s inputs. Otherwise, the processing is speeded up by sending the application straight to the inspection stage. The app allows both Inspectors and Appraisers to indicate a tentative date for completing their work resulting in better transparency to the Lender. All users have separate input sections and work areas for more productivity. Each role gets to review their reports before submission to the subsequent change. The app also allows appraisals to be sent back to the earlier stage if additional information or modification is required.

iAppraiser can be integrated seamlessly with upstream and downstream applications in the loan origination process. Provides the business an end-to-end view and real-time status of each loan application. This improves efficiency and eliminates delays, leading to better customer satisfaction. Bring all your parties to the same page using this fully customizable and branded application platform.

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