• September 25, 2016
  • Sakeer Hassan
  • 0

Seller engagement is now available on iCMALive app. The new functionality allows an agent to share a new CMA report with the seller online. The seller gets notified through email and can easily view the CMA report by clicking a link in the email. Sellers can set up their own user credentials to comment on the property attributes and provide feedback on changes the agent should take into account. The seller can view the comparable properties side by side and make notes for the benefit of the agent. Once completed, the seller can submit the comments to the agent, who in turn can view the comments under the Subject Property details in the dashboard.

By enabling a touch point for the seller during the CMA creation process, the agent gets to grab more attention from the seller as well as get valuable information on the property that might otherwise be missing from the market value computation. Sellers have given great feedback on the new functionality and expressed higher satisfaction levels on the services of agents who create online CMA reports for them. Agents find the new functionality as a game changer in engaging with their customers in a better way.

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