• May 5, 2020
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HomeRun is a mobile friendly solution that enables an appraiser to gather property information and interior photos from a homeowner in the most convenient, reliable, and secure manner to help complete an appraisal. 

Step 1:

  • An Appraiser can initiate an appraisal order with the Subject Property information and homeowner details from homerun.propmix.io. 
  • HomeRun will match and retrieve public record data for the property so that the appraiser can validate and make any corrections if required. 
  • Once the appraiser submits the information, a confirmation email is sent to the Appraiser and the homeowner is notified via email.

Step 2:

  • The homeowner clicks on a link they received in their email to provide the necessary information.
  • They can also verify the validity of the request using the lender name and loan application number provided in the email. 
  • The homeowner provides answers to a few questions regarding the property’s ownership, occupancy, land details, membership of a homeowner’s association and fee, and any other use of the property.
  • Now it is time to upload interior photos. HomeRun uses the property’s geocodes from public records to ensure the photos belong to the property, and whether they were taken within the last seven days. 
  • Attestation: A final step for the homeowner is to certify that the information they provided is correct. Once submitted HomeRun notifies the appraiser.

Step 3:

  • The appraiser can click on a link in the confirmation email they received to check the status or access the information provided by the homeowner.
  • They can download the data and photos provided. 
  • All the changes in the appraisal order are stored in an auditable log that safeguards the compliance requirements of the Appraiser. 

Additional Details

The homeowner will receive detailed instructions about uploading photos of specific rooms in the home. They are required to take the photos with their mobile phone with the location tags turned on. Each photo can be a maximum of 5 MB in size. Each applicable room should have a minimum of two photos covering 2 different angles that cover all the 4 walls, ceiling, and floor.

The homeowner has the option to update the appraisal order in multiple steps and at each step the information they enter is auto-saved. While the homeowner is working on entering information, the appraisal order is in “pending” status and the appraiser can view the data and photos saved thus far. When the homeowner completes the attestation and submits the information, the status of the order is changed to “completed” and the homeowner will no longer be able to edit the information.


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